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F701 & F201 Rear Cam Bundle PackF701 & F201 Rear Cam Bundle Pack

F701 & F201 Rear Cam Bundle Pack | 128GB

The FAS-Alliance FAS-CAM Bundle features both the F701-DR dash cam and the F201-IR rear/cabin cam. Whether you’re looking for security when your vehicle is parked or want to record your vehicle’s interior on the road, the FAS-CAM Bundle offers security and peace of mind for every driver.
front and rear dash camerafront and rear dash camera

FAS- Alliance F701 Dash Cam | 4k dash camera

With its easy preset options, revolutionary FAS-CAPTURE feature, and 24-hour parking mode, the FAS-Alliance F701-DR dash cam redefines convenience and protection in dash cams. Our industrially designed dash cam has been built to handle it all. Enjoy FAS-CAM’s unique and productive features specifically designed to make your life easier.
MANTACHI MT1 - Beard and Hair Trimmer - FAS allianceMANTACHI MT1 - Beard and Hair Trimmer - FAS alliance

MANTACHI MT1 - Beard and Hair Trimmer - SPACE GREY

FAS alliance's commitment to excellence shines through in our creation of the ultimate hair and beard trimmer. With meticulous design, we've forged a product that offers unparalleled functionality, ensuring a grooming experience that is not only supremely comfortable but also exceptionally efficient.
From $39.99
From $39.99
Automatic Cat FeedersAutomatic Cat Feeders

PF1 Automatic Cat Feeders WIFI 4L

Keep your cat fed with the PF1 Automatic Cat Feeder. This 4L pet feeder has an app control for easy programming, a detachable body for easy cleaning, and dual power supply and low food alarms. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi enabled for cats and dogs. Worry-free meals anytime, anywhere.
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How to Update your Firmware

How to Update your Firmware - FAS alliance

Before you start recording with your FAS-CAM, make sure that the camera's firmware is up-to-date. Our current firmware that is compatible with our ACC Hardwire Kit.

DOWNLOAD FIRMWARE: F701_V1.18_r1_20230217

Firmware controls the basic functioning of your dash cam. If your dash cam is NOT functioning correctly, you may need to update the firmware for your device. Updates may also be released to fix bugs, and improve the general functionality of the dash cam. It’s important to keep the firmware on your dash cam up-to-date so it can operate to its full capacity and functionality. Files saved on the TF Card (SD Card) will NOT be affected by the firmware updates but we do recommend you formatting the TF Card after the firmware update.

Make sure you update the firmware before installing the ACC Hardwire Kit. The ACC Hardwire Kit allows you to use Parking Mode with the F701-DR dash cam. Our kit powers your dash cam through your vehicle’s fuse box when the engine is off. This easy-to-install kit is all you need to enable 24hr surveillance for your vehicle.


Remove the TF Card (SD Card) from the dash cam and into a card reader. Always make sure that your camera is OFF when inserting or removing a memory card.

FAS Alliance | FAS-CAM Firmware Update Step 1

Connect the card reader to a PC or laptop.


Open the TF Card (SD Card) folder on your computer.

FAS Alliance | FAS-CAM Firmware Update Step 2


Download the latest firmware here:


or by going to the F701 Product Page to find the latest firmware under the "FIRMWARE" tab.

FAS Alliance | FAS-CAM Firmware Update Step 3


Unzip the ".zip" file by using your computer system's Archive Utility App

FAS Alliance | FAS-CAM Firmware Update Step 4


Drag and drop the "FW96670A.bin" file to the TF Card (SD Card) drive.

FAS Alliance | FAS-CAM Firmware Update Step 5

DO NOT put the firmware file in any folder in the memory card drive. Leave the file in the memory card drive’s “Root Directory”.


At this moment, if you wish to format your TF Card using the camera's internal system after the update, copy any of the videos or photo files you wish to save onto your computer.

FAS Alliance | FAS-CAM Firmware Update Step 6


Eject the TF Card (SD Card) on your PC or laptop, and insert it back into dash cam’s TF Card slot. Make sure that the camera is powered off.

FAS Alliance | FAS-CAM Firmware Update Step 7


The dash cam will be turned on when power is supplied and the latest Firmware will automatically begin updating. The FAS-CAPTURE light will be blinking red.

FAS Alliance | FAS-CAM Firmware Update Step 8


Once the update is completed, the dash cam will automatically restart.

FAS Alliance | FAS-CAM Firmware Update Step 9


After restarting, we recommend doing the TF Card (SD Card) format after you complete the firmware installation. Read our blog and learn how to format your TF card using the FAS-CAM's internal system.

FAS Alliance | FAS-CAM Firmware Update Step 10


Enjoy more peace of mind knowing your dash cam will capture any emergencies while you’re away.

The latest firmware version is always available at FAS-CAM F701 Product Page.

We strongly recommend registering your product to receive notification emails when new firmware updates are available.



Download our User Manual for more information on how to read the information provided.

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F701 & F201 Rear Cam Bundle Pack | 128GB
Dash cam F701-DR + 128GB
FAS- Alliance F701 Dash Cam | 4k dash camera
Dash Cam Hardwire Kit for F701-Dr

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